S1E7 - Socks: Why Do Our Feet Always Get Hugs?


S1E7 - Socks: Why Do Our Feet Always Get Hugs? 


I know some people feel stifled at times by socks, like how jean-wearers 5 years ago “can’t move” now unless they’re wearing leggings. Probably other better reasons exist; I’m just comfortable with socks so the non-wearers seem strange. Especially people who can’t wear socks to sleep. What if they kick away the covers? IT WOULD BE A TOTAL DISASTER! Socks make me feel warm and comforted, complete an outfit, fill out slightly wide shoes, keep a blister at bay on a hike, and stop feet from sliding around in shoes that aren’t meant to be exposed to bare feet. They also become a towel for drying feet from an unexpected dip in a river, facilitate wondrous slides on hardwood floors, and perhaps they even mask stinky feet. Whoda thunk it? I appreciate socks quite a bit. But holy smokes, holey socks make me sad when they’ve been my favorite for years. The holes are always in the heel for me, and I hear tell of people who get them at the toes. Wowza, humans are so varied. I do have a stack of mending from the past few years I’ve been meaning to get to, and it includes a few socks for sure. My calendar is always telling me I have a day off in 2 weeks, now it’s time for rehearsal. One of these days I’ll whittle the pile away and wear the stuff again! Back to the topic at hand, I really like hugs. Warmth, envelopment, comfort, there are all kinds of reasons humans and other animals like to cuddle, and hugs are like a slightly less personal version of cuddling. Also, it’s kind of why I like socks. Haven’t been wearing them much recently because of symphony weekends and visiting family in Chico, where it’s too hot to not break out sandals. Anywho, I usually wear socks constantly. Not for showers or yoga stretching, but all other times are fair game. When do you like to wear socks, or not? My feyoncé reminded me of the whole childhood-Christmas-present-socks-are-not-great thing, but now as adults we really appreciate them. I actually bought Eric a subscription for monthly socks as a birthday present and he kinda loved it. Visually, socks can be fun! I like patterns but usually wear tamer wool socks because they’re more durable-seeming and good for chilly-ish weather. Cool patterns unfortunately seem to add a dollar sign at the store, but the happiness they bring might be worth it. Sometimes. Like my Sasquatch socks! (They’re only visible if my outfit is strange, but it’s bound to happen sometimes.)


Here is a haiku:

Socks are on my feet

They embrace my very soles

Fabric hugs the skin


I’ve always liked that haikus are concise and often spring from the most mundane and beautiful aspects of life. When I was 16 and on a gap year after high school, I was doing a program away from home for a few months and wrote about 50 haikus while on a short solo camping excursion. No phone, just burritos and a notebook and a sleeping bag. I’d write more if I didn’t have a smartphone for sure - more on that later. Well, happy Mundane Monday and have a great sock-filled or sock-free week!